Nick Lyons

Web, Design, Print & Video

About Me

Currently looking for a job in front end development/design.

GSB Digital
Typsetting, Prepress &
Online Projects Coordinator / 2018-2021

I worked in the Pre-Press department doing typesetting, file preparation and imposing print ready files for traditional, digital and large format printing. I also managed two web-to-print platforms covering most aspects of E-Commerce and CMS management along with creating custom online templates (digital typsetting like Moo) for all kinds of stationery items. I provided customer support to clients and tech support for internal employees.

  • Pre-Press Scripts

    A set of Adobe scripts used to automate routine pre-press workflows like importing spot colors, print process setups, registration dots and layer seperations. These scripts remove repetitive actions for certain printing processes and file setups for Indesign and Illustrator using Adobe ExtendScript.

  • Order Dashboard

    Web app (node.js, mongodb) that scraps orders from 3 services to be displayed on production floor monitors for easier order lifecycle tracking.

  • Pressero Automation

    Set of puppeteer scripts to automate web-to-print CMS bulk product and file upload automation.


    Set-up ecommerce store for selling legal tabs with Wordpress, Woocommerce and credit card payment with Paypal. Site re-design was put on hold during the pandemic.

  • Typesetting/Pre-Press

    Traditional pre-press for two color offset (Ryobi 552, 3302 and Jetpress) printing. Creating and ordering dies for Engraving, Letterpress (Heidelberg), Die Cutting, Foil Stamping and Embossing/Debossing. Most traditional typsetting is done manually and imposed with custom templates depending on the size and quantity of the customer order.

    Digital pre-press for HP 7600 and HP 12000 using HP Smart Stream (imposing tool) and Enfocus Switch (print automation) for imposition hotfolders. Digital embellishment setups for Scodix speciality print applications that include raised glossy surfaces and digital foil.

    Oversized/Large Format Printing for HP R2000 (flatbed) covering white ink applications for retail window displays, office graphics, wall coverings, floor signage, banners, and large posters. Zund digital cutter processes (kiss-cut, crease, score, routing) for stickers and custom box designs.

Nationwide Insurance
Test Analyst / 2014-2018
  • Testing Transition

    Led the transition to a new test case manager system that reduced test time by 30% for a financial statements project. This increased transparency to Business Analysts and increased bug resolution by 33% in functional testing.

  • Implemented Onboarding Process

    Created an on-boarding website that reduced pair training time by 50% and streamlined new hire knowledge transfer from 2 months to 3 weeks.

  • Knowledge Documentation Wiki

    Built a wiki for insurance application and IT process documentation. This reduced testing idle time (‘time spent waiting for the lead to be available’) by at least a third, reduced blockers by 50% and reduced knowledge siloing across 5 teams.

Ohio University
Bachelors in Visual Communication
(Web & Video Production) / 2007